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Max Chase
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Max Chase is a second-generation Tampa native with strong business roots in our community. His grandfather Berton bought and sold a lot of the property around our city we enjoy today. After Jesuit High School, Max joined the US Navy and spent 8 years traveling the world before finally making it back home to South Tampa. Once back, he graduated with a business degree from University of Tampa in Entrepreneurship. In the service Max managed teams of 20+ personnel tasked with collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence to commanders. He quickly advanced and received numerous accolades for unparalleled technical analysis and crystal clear communication under high-stress conditions. It is with that same diligence and transparency that Max attacks the RE profession, whether sourcing short term investments or long term cash flow opportunities. Max is growth oriented and seeks partners interested in building generational wealth through investment Real Estate. He understands the necessity of entering every transaction with a contingency plan, and a contingency plan for your contingency plan. He is comfortable in person knocking on doors and engaging buyers/sellers, or at home curled up with a good calculator crunching the math alongside his trusty black lab, Tova.