We Help FSBO's

Selling your home yourself makes sense. Most brokerages fight it. We actually support it. Why not try? With that said, we also know after 31 years of selling homes, it's not always easy. We are here to help. Below you will also find a detailed step by step guide/checklist that may help you get your home sold.

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Why FSBO's Trust Us:

  1. Reach: When you hire us, your not just getting one agent. You are getting a network of 650+ agents who have access to thousands of buyers across the globe. If you want to get the most for your home, we can help.
  2. Experience: We have 31+ years in this market. We know what it takes to get your home sold. We get trying to save on commissions. But don't step over a dollar to pick up a penny.
  3. Options: We have access to unique options that will allow you to get your home sold so that you can move on as quickly and with as much money in your pocket as possible.

Here Is A Step By Step Guide

After 31 years of selling homes, it's not always easy and there are PROBABLY things you need/should do if you want to put your home in the best position to sell. This guide is designed to serve as a checklist to ensure you have the greatest chance to get your home sold. Of course we are always here for you if you need anything else.

Here's How We Can Help.

We help FSBO's in a variety of ways. Here's how we can help you.

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Pricing Strategy:

  • FSBO Challenge: Setting the right price for your home can be tricky. Price it too high, and you risk deterring potential buyers; too low, and you might not get the value your property deserves.
  • How I Help: With my deep understanding of the local market and access to recent sales data, I can help you price your home accurately to attract buyers while ensuring you get the best possible return.
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Marketing and Exposure:

  • FSBO Challenge: Effectively marketing your home to reach a wide audience can be difficult. It requires more than just a listing; it's about strategy and reach.
  • How I Help: I have access to multiple listing services and a network of potential buyers. Plus, I can craft compelling marketing materials and use digital marketing tools to ensure your property gets maximum exposure.
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Legal Paperwork and Compliance:

  • FSBO Challenge: Navigating the legal aspects of selling a home, from disclosures to contracts, can be overwhelming and risky if not handled correctly.
  • How I Help: I can guide you through all the necessary paperwork, ensuring legal compliance and helping you avoid potential legal pitfalls.
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Negotiation Skills:

  • FSBO Challenge: Negotiating with buyers can be challenging, especially when trying to maintain objectivity about your own home.
  • How I Help: As an experienced negotiator, I can handle offers and counteroffers professionally, ensuring you get the best deal while maintaining a positive relationship with buyers.
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Home Staging and Presentation:

  • FSBO Challenge: Effectively staging your home to appeal to a broad range of buyers is not always straightforward. First impressions are crucial.
  • How I Help: I can offer professional advice on staging your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers, enhancing its best features and increasing the likelihood of a sale.
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Handling Showings and Open Houses:

  • FSBO Challenge: Coordinating and hosting showings or open houses can be time-consuming and intrusive on your personal life.
  • How I Help: I can manage the scheduling and hosting of showings and open houses, ensuring that your property is showcased at its best to potential buyers, while giving you the freedom to maintain your daily routine.

Time To Interview

If and when the time comes to interview agents for the job of selling your home, I would love the opportunity. Selfishly, getting you the most amount of money for your home, helps all my other clients in the area too. I am ready to interview for the job when you are.

Peace Of Mind

We want you to know who you're hiring so that you can have peace of mind.

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