As Your Family Expands, We're Here To Help

When your family is expanding it often requires everything in your life to expand too. It can be overwhelming. But we're here to help. Over the last 31+ years we have helped thousands of families find the perfect home for their growing family. We would be honored to help you too.

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Why Expanding Families Trust Us:

  1. Reach: When you hire us, your not just getting one agent. You are getting a network of 650+ agents who have access to thousands of homes across the entire state of Florida. We can help you find the perfect home for your growing family.
  2. Experience: We have 31+ years in this market. We know what it takes to get you the best deal possible on your new home. We will create a plan with you that not only ensures your in a good position now when it comes to your real estate needs, but we will account for the future as well.
  3. Options: We have access to unique homebuying options as well as unique rental programs. Whatever your family needs are at the moment, we can help.

Let Your Growing Family Be Your Only Concern.

As your family expands, so do your requirements. Is the home you have now big enough? How are the schools? How are we going to pay for college? These concerns are valid. But with us, you only need to focus on your family. Let us work behind the scenes to find you a home with enough bedrooms. Let us work to find you the perfect address in the perfect school zone. Let us find you a home that will appreciate over the years so that when it comes time to pay for that college education, your real estate will have it covered. You focus on your new bundle of joy and the love and happiness of your growing family.

Here's How We Can Help.

Do you need more bedrooms? How are the schools? How much more will our payments be? You have questions like these and more. Luckily for you, we have solutions.

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Space Requirements:

  • More bedrooms, larger living areas, and possibly a dedicated space for children's activities or a home office are common needs of growing families. We utilize our knowledge of the local market to find homes that offer the right balance of living, sleeping, and flexible spaces that can adapt to the family’s changing needs.
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Location and Neighborhood:

  • Safe neighborhoods, proximity to good schools, parks, healthcare facilities, and amenities like grocery stores are all important. Using our vast market knowledge we provide insights into family-friendly neighborhoods. Offer detailed information about school districts, parks, community centers, and local family-oriented activities.


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Budget and Affordability:

  • Finding a home that fits your financial situation, especially considering the added expenses of raising a child is a must. We help you navigate the financial aspects of buying a home, including understanding mortgages and finding homes within your budget. We will also provide referrals to trusted financial advisors or mortgage brokers.
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Future-Proofing the Home:

  • You need a home that not only suits your current needs but also your future ones as the family continues to grow. Using our local expertise, we offer guidance on properties that offer room for growth, such as bonus rooms that can be converted into an additional bedroom or homes with lot size that can accommodate a future expansion.
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Safety and Security:

  • Homes in safe areas, with low crime rates and child-friendly features (like fenced yards, secure pools, etc.) are a must. We will do the research and share safety statistics of the local neighborhoods. We will highlight homes with safety features and suggest improvements that can be made to enhance security for you and your family.
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School Districts:

  •  Residing in a good school district for quality education is a must have. We will provide up-to-date information on local schools, including ratings, programs offered, and feedback from other families.
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Commute Times and Transportation:

  • Manageable commute times for work is important. We will identify properties that offer a balance between work commute and residential appeal, and provide information on public transportation options and infrastructure.
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Lifestyle and Community:

  • A community that aligns with your lifestyle, with access to cultural, recreational, and social activities is vital. We will Introduce you to communities that match your lifestyle preferences and provide information on local groups, clubs, and events.
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Resale Value and Investment Potential:

  • A home that is not only suitable for your family but is also a good investment for the future is something we focus on. We will advise on the long-term investment potential of properties, considering factors like market trends, future development plans in the area, and historical property value data.

Get Started:

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