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Our commitment to our agents is to empower, educate, and encourage them to live the lifestyle of their dreams.

Our Framework Of Success

Explore Commission Plan

We only make money when you do.

We only make money when you do. No desk fees, office fees, tech fees, printing fees, breathing fees. We are 100% aligned. Which keeps us motivated to ensure you make money.

Explore Training & Coaching

Daily Broker Led Training

We offer broker led training daily from 8:30-9:30. It's done live via Zoom and recorded for later viewing. Our one on one coaching then helps to put that training, into action.

Explore Lead Generation

Have Fun, Make Money

We help our agents grow their business and make more money. Our lead generation programs and partnerships help create unique opportunities for our agents.

Explore Our Technology

User Friendly Technology

As an agent, you are always on the go. Which means you need to be able to run your business from anywhere on any device with EASE. Our technology is advanced, yet, simple to learn & use.

Explore Our Culture

Empower, Educate, Encourage

Over the last 30 years, our focus has been on creating a brokerage that felt more like a family, and less like a business. Being named a Top Workplace for the 12th year in a row, tells us we're on track.

Explore Who We Are

30+ Years | 60,000 + Clients Served

We have had a storied journey thus far and it's only just beginning. We are on a mission to build the coolest brokerage on the planet filled with the industries best agents. Want to join us?

We Each Play A Role.

This is a Partnership. We each have a role in the partnership. With us, we try to do the heavy lifting. You simply need to focus on money making activities, like prospecting and following up. We will take care of the rest.

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Our Onboarding Process

A Streamlined "Hello".

We both want the same thing. For you to get up and running with us ASAP. Which is why we have worked tirelessly to create a streamlined onboarding process that helps you launch your business quickly and effectively.

Whether you're new to this business or a veteran, there are things that you have to learn to use and navigate when you sign with a new brokerage. Which is why we have created a streamlined process that will help you launch your business with us quickly and easily.

90 Days +

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After 60K + transactions we know what works. So, we have created a step by step onboarding plan that will guide you through your first 90 days and beyond. Our training and support is ongoing. It simply evolves as your business evolves.

Access On The Go


All of our tools, tech and support is mobile friendly and will go where you go. As you get busier and your business continues to grow, our tools and systems will grow with you. From contracts and deal support to compliance and signage, we have you covered.

The Human Element


While our digital platforms are great and certainly serve a valuable purpose, they do not replace the human element. Which is why each of our offices has an assigned manager who is directly responsible to coach, business plan, train, guide and lead their agents.

Marketing Done For You- Daily

The name of this game is talking to people. There are many ways to "talk to people". You could call them, text them, create content, knock on doors, talk to people at a grocery store, etc.

So, every single day, we make it easier for our agents by creating a Daily Action Plan. Inside this plan we typically provide a piece of branded social content, a text message, email, blog article and video script. This makes it easier than ever to start conversations.

Agents Across Florida
Offices Across FL
Years In A Row As Top Workplace
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  • Once you hit a tier YOU NEVER GO BACK DOWN.
  • With this model you get constant raises.
  • It is designed to inspire you to do more and push yourself.
  • We do not charge ANY desk fees, office fees, print fees or anything like that. EVER.

A Simple & Transparent Commission Plan

  • No Desk/Office Fees
  • No Training/Coaching Fees
  • No Technology Fees
  • No Print Fees
  • Health Insurance Available

We look at the last 12 months of production. That determines where you start on this scale. If you are brand new to the business you will start at 50% and quickly advance from there. It is designed so roughly every 4-5 deals you do, you move up to the next tier. It's all built around Gross Commission Income. Why? Because in this partnership we provide all of the things listed below. WE DO NOT CHARGE A DESK FEE or any other fee. Therefore, we only make money when you make money. You're role in the partnership is your production. While you're building your business we are still providing all of the training, technology and support. As you continue to get more productive, we gain the leverage of scale. Therefore, you continue to earn more, and we lower our "equity" in your business. 

Next Level Training

Training is an ongoing framework to success. Which is why we offer training to our agents every single day.

Daily Broker Led Training

Our daily training is done live via Zoom, Monday-Friday 8:30 am -9:30 am. Every single day is different but everyday is meaningful. All of these morning training's are recorded as well and added to our Training on Demand portal which is accessible via our mobile app and through our web portal. These sessions are designed to empower, educate and encourage action.

Here's An Example Of A Morning Mastermind


Training On Demand

Life happens. Which means there will be changes to your schedule and routine. Which is why we have created our training on demand portal called Next Level University. In the portal there are hundreds of training sessions with more being added daily, that you can watch when you want, where you want and on whatever device you want. 24/7 access to the education you want and need.

Here's An Example Of Our Contracts Class


Tactical Content

We always say this business is simple, not easy. We have tried to simplify it by breaking it down into the "lanes".  Each lane represents a way to make money in this business. We then create training sessions and advice driven content focused on helping our agents with that specific lane. We cover everything from contracts to scripts to objections. We have what you need when you need it.

All Content Is Available 24/7/365

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Lead Generation Is Key

Leads are great. Transactions are better. We help generate both.

Award Winning Tech Suite

A Culture Designed To Empower

We set out on a mission to empower, educate and encourage our agents to have fun, make money, and change lives. This has served as the foundation of our brokerage since day 1. From our daily training to our prescriptive daily action plans, we eliminate excuses and empower our agents to take action.


Top Workplace- 14 years & Counting

We have been named a top workplace for the last 14 years in a row. This is something we're really proud of. As you grow, keeping your culture can be challenging. But for us, it's not optional.

Quarterly & Annual Awards

Our agents work hard and deserve recognition. Our quarterly top agent events and our annual awards banquet allow us to have fun and reward our agents for their efforts.

Our Community Is Everything

We Support Our Youth

Last year alone we donated nearly 1k bikes with our annual bike and toy drive. Century 21 is also partnered with Easterseals and raises over $3 million dollars a year for the organization.

We Support Our Military

Our Military Rewards Program offers cash back rewards to any and all current and former military members and their spouces. This program helps to save our veterans thousands of dollars per transaction. 

We Support The First Responders

When Covid hit, the world changed. While most of us tried to stay safe and secure in our homes, our First Responders were hard at work. So we went on a mission to serve them food and show our appreciation.


A Winning Culture

We set out from the start to build a winning culture. One that recognizes the accomplishments of our agents and staff as we continue to grow and expand. Over the years, our agents have really become known as the pace setters. We want to set the standard for what others try to accomplish. Here are a few of the accomplishments we're proud of.

Years In Business
Years In A Row As Top Workplace
C21 In Florida
Agents Across FL
Transactions Performed
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Our Journey



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